Strefa – Cafe and Yoga

Take a deep breath, sip coffee and relax because today we are presenting rebranding of Strefa – Cafe and Yoga!

We were very happy when the owner, Strefa – cafe and yoga, for help with refreshing the visual identification. Since, we have been frequent visitors to the place, working on this project has been a lot of fun for us. We started, (of course), with the foundation of each identification, i.e. the logotype. When designing the logotype, the assumption was to present both places in one sign. We focused on minimalism, a cup of coffee in which a lotus flower was woven, as it is one of the most popular symbols of yoga, which has become the brand’s signet.




For the brand on the specialty label, we designed individual illustrations, with elements directly related to coffee and yoga. They create one pattern, which is the main leitmotif of visual identification. This element has also been used for take-away cups.

Corporate identity

Additionally, we designed a menu in two language versions, a leaflet promoting a yoga studio and products from the merchendise category; posters, stickers and a switchboard.

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