Burger Park Restaurant

The best burgers wheeling to our town..

We approach the gastronomic industry projects with great appetite, especially when it comes to slow-food burgers that we love! The first element was the logotype – which was to be placed on the food truck, but we had to take into account the plans for further development of the company, which assumed the opening of the restaurant, hence it had to be universal. The next step was to design the color and pattern of the classical van’s cladding.



Burgers that look and taste great…

Burgers that look and taste great must have an equally good packaging, hence our choice fell on brown paper printed in an individual pattern – along with a color accent in the form of a sticker with the name of a sandwich. Together with Burger park, we have created many interesting projects including: menus, leaflets, posters, sites and icons, some of them you can see below, and if you’ve already got hungry we recommend you to grab delicious burger at Burger Park now!

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