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It’s Movember, so don’t forget about your balls!

We are glad that we could help with the  social campaign “MOVEMBER“.
On behalf of the Giźińscy Medical Center, we have created a visual identity for the promotion campaign. As a usual, we started with the logo in which you can see the mustache – the leitmotif of the action and flexed muscle, that are associated with a strong and healthy man. The goal of this campaign is to make men, boys and their partners aware of the importance of regular testing. This is a serious topic, however, as guys, we know that it’s easier for us to embrace certain topics cheerfully.




In addition to the visual identification of the campaign, a promotional slogan was needed, the first association was a popular polish retort from early youth  “Examine yourself.”

Furthermore to the slogan and logo, we also took care of the design and production of all the rest of promotional materials, which include: T-shirts, posters, self-examination leaflets, mirror stickers and vouchers.

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