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The Polish Center for Interior Design is the organizer of interior design events and needed a visual identity appropriate for its sector.
We’ve worked with architects before and we know how important the company’s image in this industry is.
Therefore, when designing the basic parts of identification, we focused on minimalism, which is very well known in the circles of interior architecture.




The logotype perfectly illustrates the name of the company, contains a lot of symbolism and its shape refers to Poland on the map. A line joining in the middle creates a 3D solid that is easily associated with architecture. Simple and classic colors give a universal effect and easily blends with many products.


During architectural events,  merchandise products are an inseparable element.
One of the many merch items that we have designed, is a workbook, which assumption was to maintain order in all documents related to interior design. It helps to guide the customer through a complicated design process and keeping all documents in one transparent place.
We have also prepared a design for an ecological bag, which is useful during events and during everyday shopping.

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